Causes and Solutions of Construction Failure of Polyurethane Waterproof Coatings

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Polyurethane waterproof coatings are widely used in indoor and roof waterproof repairs because of their superior waterproof performance. However, if you pay little attention during the construction process, the construction effect of the material will be greatly affected. Let me share with you the failure of polyurethane waterproof coatings. The six major causes and solutions are hoped to be used in future construction to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
1. Material inferiority: Because of the price competition of waterproof materials on the market, many domestic polyurethane material manufacturers have cut corners on materials. 2. This will reduce the physical properties of the waterproof material itself and cause waterproof failure.
[Solution]: When purchasing coatings, be sure to choose a regular manufacturer and see the certificate of conformity and the date of production.
2. Moisture on the bottom layer: Some polyurethane waterproof coatings are oil-based waterproof materials, so it is necessary to confirm whether the ground is dry before application. Otherwise, after the waterproofing is completed, the moisture is wrapped in it and converted into strong steam by sunlight. Will cause peeling of the polyurethane waterproof layer.
[Solution]: Identify whether it is oil-based polyurethane or water-based polyurethane. If it is oil-based polyurethane, make sure the base surface is dry before applying.
3. The bottom layer is not clean: Before the waterproof construction, the ground must be cleaned, and as far as possible, there is no dust and loose materials, otherwise the phenomenon of inadequate adhesion between the waterproof layer and the base layer will occur, leaving a hidden danger of leakage.
[Solution]: Make sure that the base surface is clean and flat during construction, without floating ash and oil.
4, polyurethane waterproof coating waterproof layer is too thin: the polyurethane waterproof layer must reach a certain thickness to have a waterproof effect, because the polyurethane material itself still has low water absorption characteristics, if the thickness of the waterproof layer is not enough, after continuous rain and heavy rain, rainwater passes through Polyurethane waterproof layer to the bottom will still generate water vapor at the bottom after good weather, causing the waterproof layer to peel off. It is best to stick the glass fiber mesh cloth at all corners for reinforcement treatment to prevent the polyurethane waterproof layer from breaking and causing leakage.
[Solution]: Ensure the thickness of painting.
5. Insufficient construction experience: The waterproof construction is best operated by a professional waterproof construction team. You can't go to the hardware and building materials store and buy some waterproof materials to paint. Before the waterproof application, the cause of leakage must be carefully judged and then resolved.
[Solution]: Be sure to find a professional construction team to carry out the construction. As the saying goes, “Three materials, seven points of construction” construction directly affects the waterproof effect.


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