Company training: Be familiar with the fittings of each waterproof membrane

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Be familiar with the fittings of each waterproof membrane


It is generally used for the construction of details of waterproof membranes to further enhance the tightness of the membranes

PVC/TPO special glue

As can be seen from the name, this glue is a special glue for PVC/TPO waterproof membrane. It is commonly used in the construction methods of full adhesion and empty paving of these two kinds of waterproof coiled materials. It tightly combines the coiled material and the base surface. It is a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Convergent layering

Convergent layering is often used to close the roof waterproof membrane, often used with sealant to make the membrane firmly fixed and improve wind resistance

Internal and external corner, seal ring

Commonly used in the construction of bathroom PP/PE waterproofing membranes to enhance the waterproof level of details.


Commonly used in the mechanical fixing construction of metal roofing coils, used together with steam barrier film, insulation layer and other accessories.

Hand welding machine

It is used for the overlapping of coils to increase the connection capacity between coils and coils, and even exceed the tensile strength of coils.

Automatic climbing welding machine

Compared with the hand welding machine, it is more suitable for the construction of large-area coils, such as dams, fish ponds, and biogas and etc.


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