Customer support boosts the development of Kintop

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The sales of Shandong jinding waterproof technology Co. Ltd. still maintains an upward trend with the support of customers.

Customer support boosts the development of Kintop

So far, although the sales of Shandong Jinding Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. in the first quarter of 2020 have not increased rapidly in accordance with the plan, under the influence of the epidemic situation. It still maintains an upward trend. There is no backlog in the factory and the production line is not stopped.



Our company can achieve such good results without the support of new and old customers. An old customer who has repeatedly purchased not only affirmed the quality of our products, but also provided suggestions for the development of our new products, helping us understand the market needs in a timely manner and develop new products that the market needs.


”I like the Kintop polyurethane. The only thing I want to change is to take out the grey pigment and change it to the aluminum pigment. Everything is already good.”


In addition to old customers, new customers are also very satisfied with our services. The customer has expressed a strong intention to cooperate before receiving the sample.


”Friend I hope we do a lot of business in the future , your so easy to work with.


After receiving the samples, the customer and his customers were very satisfied with our services and samples, and proposed a formal invitation to cooperate.


“Your service was amazing , I'm really impressed. Hi friend, my clients are happy. I just want to get this already my costumers are eager.



Thank you for your support for Shandong Jinding Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. . With you in the future, we will definitely develop better. Although due to the impact of the epidemic, some of our customers' orders have to be postponed. But please stay optimistic, and look forward to and witness a better 2020.



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