Delivery News: Another Batch of PVC Waterproof Membrane Is Loading Away

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Today, 9000 square meters of PVC coil filled with two containers have sailed to Southeast Asia.

Since the resumption of work in March of this year, all the workers of the company have been actively working, and the three major indicators of the company's sales, production and delivery have achieved good results.

Today, 9000 square meters of PVC waterproof membrane filled with two containers have sailed to Southeast Asia. The customer has strict requirements on the delivery time and he chose our company among thousands of choices. Finally, we lived up to our trust. We adjusted the number of workers and completed production, quality inspection, packaging and delivery within one week.

Driven by a large number of orders, the company's production line is running at full capacity, and all line workers are actively producing, which greatly improves production efficiency. To ensure timely and accurate product delivery, the logistics department cooperates with the production and marketing departments.


Loaded trucks, busy workers are carrying out every procedure in an orderly manner. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has maintained a good situation of prosperity in production and sales before the Spring Festival.


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