Delivery News: PVC waterproof membrane shipped yesterday

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PVC waterproof membrane shipped yesterday


The climate in the northern and middle latitudes of the country has gradually entered the flood season, rainfall has increased significantly, and the demand for waterproof products has also increased. The factory is stepping up production to ensure that orders are delivered on time.


Yesterday, 9,000 square meters of PVC waterproof membrane had left the factory and shipped to Qingdao Port for a series of export procedures.

PVC waterproof membrane has the following advantages:

1. Long life and aging resistance. Roofing materials can be used for more than 20 years, and underground can be up to 50 years.

2. High tensile strength, high elongation, and small heat treatment size change. Low temperature flexibility, good adaptability to environmental temperature differences.

3. Good root penetration resistance, can be made into planting roof.

4. Good puncture resistance.

5. Convenient construction, solid and reliable during welding and environmental protection without pollution.

6. Strong chemical resistance, suitable for special occasions.

7. It has good plasticity, and the corner details can be processed quickly and easily.

8. Easy maintenance and low cost.


9. After 2000 hours of artificial weathering verification.   



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