How to select waterproof material ——— Select material according to the functional requirements of the constructions

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Select material according to the functional requirements of the constructions.

1. The roof is used for landscaping to beautify the urban environment. The waterproof layer is covered with soil and planted with flowers and trees. Plant roots have strong puncture power, and the water-proof layer is not only resistant to corrosion and soaking, but also resistant to puncture. Choose polyethylene geomembrane or PVC waterproof membrane.

2. The roof is used for recreational activities and industrial sites. Block material protection layer should be laid on waterproof layer. Waterproof materials do not have to be sticky. The elongation of the coil material is not high, a variety of coatings can be used.

3, Inverted roof.The insulation protects the water-proof layer from the sun, from the storms and the heat of winter. The choice of waterproof material is very wide, but the construction is particularly careful to ensure that no leakage within the durable life. If the occurrence of leakage, repair seepage plugging is difficult.

4. Shallow water in the water storage layer, generally no more than 25mm. The waterproof layer is soaked in water for a long time and requires good water resistance. Can choose polyurethane coating, polymer coil material, polyethylene geomememes, not suitable for adhesive waterproof material.


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