How to select waterproof material ———Select materials according to construction parts

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Select materials according to construction parts  Different parts of the building, the requirements of waterproof materials are not the same.


   Different parts of the building, the requirements of waterproof materials are not the same. Each kind of material has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no best material, all kinds of materials can only complement, and irreplaceable. 



(1) the waterproof layer of the roof is exposed to the nature, exposed to the hot sun, the wind blows, the erosion of rain and snow, the temperature of severe cold and heat, the change of temperature difference between day and night expansion and contraction repeatedly, there is no good wood and good protection measures, it is difficult to achieve the required durability. So should choose high tensile strength, elongation, aging resistance to good waterproof materials. Such as SBS waterproof membrane, EPDM rubber rolling material, single component polyurethane coating (with protective layer).





(2) Waterproof material for wall. Now the wall is too thin, mostly small block masonry, a large number of inside and outside the joint, and is the junction has grown two millimeters doors and Windows and walls, untight seal, rainwater infiltration by seam. Wall body waterproof cannot use coil material, can use coating only, and decorate material union with outside.



(3) Waterproof material selection for underground building. The underground waterproof layer is immersed in water or very wet soil for a long time. Can not be made of perishable tire system of the rolling material, the water-proof layer of the bottom plate of the application of thick, and has a certain resistance to prick ability of waterproof material. The best lamination 6mm~8mm thick. If the choice of synthetic polymer coil material, the most appropriate hot welding joint. The use of adhesive joint, the glue should be good water resistance, otherwise good coil material can not be selected.



(4) The waterproof of the bathroom has 3 characteristics. One is not affected by the natural climate, the temperature change is not big, the elongation of the material is not high; Second, the area is small, more Yin and Yang Angle, through the floor pipe more; Three is the wall waterproof layer paste ceramic tile, and adhesive affinity performance is good. According to the above three characteristics, only coating and polyethylene polypropylene the most suitable.



(5) Choose waterproof materials for planting roofs in garbage landfill sites and lakes, ponds and ditches, with polyethylene geomemmembrane as the best, width of more than 5m, welding joint, good penetration resistance.



(6)Urban construction of flyover project. The waterproof layer is covered with high temperature asphalt concrete pavement, so the waterproof layer should withstand the high temperature of 110℃. APP asphalt coating or APP modified asphalt rolling material are selected.



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