Introduction of construction methods for different roofs of aluminium bitumen flashing tape

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Construction method of aluminum bitumen flashing tape steel structure roof new construction.

1. Construction method of aluminum bitumen flashing tape steel structure roof new construction
(1) According to the metal plate type or the gap between the joints, the width of the joint, and the engineering design requirements, select the specifications and sizes.

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(2) Wipe clean the joints of the metal plates.
(3) Start with one end of the metal plate, slowly open the double-sided tape and stick the sealing tape on the overlap of the lower metal plate in a straight line along the seam, and then gently press the tape with your hand to make it adhere firmly to the metal.
(4) Tear off the release paper on the aluminum bitumen flashing tape, press the upper metal plate of the interface into the joint, and then press the joints sequentially after bonding, so that the joints are firmly bonded and sealed tightly.
(5) Tighten the screws to make the upper and lower bonding surfaces of aluminum bitumen flashing tape adhere tightly.
2. Aluminium bitumen flashing tape metal plate roof gutter construction method
(1) After installing the prefabricated gutter, clean the cement surface of the parapet above the gutter and apply the primary treatment agent.
(2) After the primary treatment agent is suspected to be solid, install the flooding plate to ensure that the installation is firm and tightly integrated with the wall.
(3) Wipe the flashing board clean, and paste the single-sided aluminum bitumen flashing tape at the joint between the flashing board and the cement wall, and press them in sequence to make the bonding firm; if a single-sided 80mm wide is used Aluminium bitumen flashing tape does not require flashing plates.


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