United, fight the epidemic together

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Supporting customers to fight coronavirs


At the beginning of 2020, a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic came out of nowhere, the unbridled virus spread everyone off guard, and a war without gun smoke forced the entire city to press the "pause button".


In order to deal with the new coronavirus, Shandong jinding waterproof technology Co., Ltd has made the following efforts:

1.Adjust employee working hours.


Adjusted weekly working hours to 4.5 days to reduce employee exposure to crowded office space. Encourage qualified employees to work from home and reduce the density of staff in the office.

2.Distribute masks and goggles


During the epidemic, enterprises have the responsibility and obligation to protect the personal safety of employees in the workplace and provide employees with a safe working environment as much as possible. Jinding distributes protective materials to employees every day, and recycles waste masks to prevent secondary pollution.


3.Supporting customers to fight disease


For the customers who help us, we will not forget their help to us. For example, Mr. Jackson in the United States ordered the waterproofing membrane for the third quarter in advance and paid a deposit to reduce the losses caused by the epidemic to the company's operations. Dutch customers, John, sent us 2,500 masks at the beginning of the outbreak to help us fight the virus better. Now that the epidemic is spreading overseas, we are relatively safe. We have also sent masks to friends who have helped us, and helped purchase protective clothing and goggles.



China is working overtime to produce medical supplies to help countries with severe outbreaks while meeting domestic demand. As a Chinese, although we cannot produce medical supplies, we are doing our best to help everyone.



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