which material is used for waterproofing

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We Discover the benefits of bituminous waterproofing coating and explore a trusted factory and manufacturers for sale. Learn more about the ideal material used for effective waterproofing solutions.

What are the waterproof materials

1. Flexible mortar

This type of waterproof material is mainly used on walls, floors and other parts facing the water. It is mixed with a ratio of five to four. It has good elasticity and waterproof performance. Even if the base layer cracks, it will have no effect on the waterproof effect. .

2. Hard mortar

It is made by mixing emulsion and mortar in a ratio of one to four. After use, there is no need to deal with the coating, and it can be directly applied to bricks, which is convenient for construction. After it solidifies, it will not appear to be packaged.

3. Polyurethane

This waterproof material can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. After painting, it is very thick, about 3 mm thick, and its elasticity is higher than 300%. Even if the substrate cracks, it will not crack, and the waterproof effect is very good.

4. Coiled materials

It mainly includes three types of waterproofing membranes: asphalt, synthetic polymer and polymer modification, among which asphalt waterproofing membrane is more commonly used.

5. Acrylic waterproof coating

This kind of waterproof material is mainly made of pure acrylate copolymer and other materials. It is a water-soluble waterproof material. It can be diluted with water and then painted. It has good elasticity and ductility.


Making the Right Choice for Waterproofing

Choosing the right material for waterproofing is vital for protecting buildings and structures from water damage. Bituminous waterproofing coating offers numerous benefits and is widely recognized as an effective solution. Whether you are working on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, opting for bituminous waterproofing coating can provide reliable and long-lasting waterproofing performance.


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