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Hatch cover tape


Hatch cover tape,the function is to protect the metal hatch covers on carriage ships against leakage of water into the carriage area.It has a good aluminium foil facing with a high grade bitumen backing.This gives the product tear resistance ,thus aiding speed and ease of application.

hatch cover tape is one of the main products of Jinding waterproof technology with good price and quality, factory direct sales. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer in China, with various products on sale and low price.


In the shipping and logistics industry, hatch cover tape is an indispensable and important material used to seal and protect goods and ensure transportation safety. In China, there are many hatch cover tape supplier and factories, providing a variety of product choices.


However, when purchasing china hatch cover tape, in addition to quality, price is also the focus of customers' attention. In order to meet the needs of customers, we recommend a high-quality hatch cover tape supplier. They supply directly from the factory, remove the intermediate links, provide the most affordable price, and ensure the quality of the product.


Now, you can buy Cheapest hatch cover tape at the cheapest price to ensure the safety of your cargo transportation and reduce costs. Contact our suppliers quickly and enjoy the double guarantee of price and quality!

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*Packing: 10cm x 10m (1㎡/roll)

*The thickness, width, length and color can be made based on customers’ requirements.


• Strong bonding property

• Good tensile strength

• Excellent waterproof performance

• High reflectivity of sunshine

• Can prolong the service life of membrane

• Can reduce the indoor temperature of the building


• Replacement & repair of flashings

• Repair & repair of down pipes

• Sealing glazing & roof lights

• Sealing parapets

• Waterproofing of coping & roof ridges

• General roof repairs


Base treatment →Construction of additional layer →Sheets paste construction by self-adhesion →

Exhausting and compaction → Water permeability experiment → Construction of the protection layer


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