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Self adhesive HDPE waterproofing membrane


Self adhesive HDPE waterproofing membrane, consists of multi-layer composite waterproofing material for superior waterproofing performance, including a layer of high-density PE film, self-adhesive polymer layer and a unique particulate layer. 
Can be installed on uniform and regular concrete blinding, compacted sand-stone cushion for waterproofing of below ground surfaces and is also used 
for waterproofing of confined surfaces or blind side waterproofing.
It is designed so as to bond fully and permanently with poured concrete against it after placing and tying reinforcement. 

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As a high-performance waterproofing material, self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane is widely used in construction, basements, tunnels and other fields. In China, there is a professional self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane factory that has won market reputation with its excellent quality and competitiveness.


This factory has advanced production equipment and a technical team that strictly controls every aspect from raw material procurement to production and processing to ensure the high quality of the products. As self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane suppliers, they provide products in a variety of specifications and colors to meet the needs of different customers, and provide customers with affordable prices and complete after-sales services through direct sales from manufacturers.


Choose self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane and choose products from this professional factory in China to make your waterproofing project more reliable and durable!


In the field of waterproofing engineering, china self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane is favored by the majority of users because of its excellent waterproof performance and easy construction. In China, there are a group of excellent self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane manufacturers who focus on product R&D and production and are committed to providing high-quality products and perfect after-sales services.


The products of these manufacturers are not only made of high-quality raw materials, but also undergo fine processing to ensure reliable and stable product quality. They are also affordable and can meet the needs of different customers. Choosing China's self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane manufacturers means choosing the double guarantee of quality and price.


Therefore, whether you are an architect, contractor or ordinary consumer, if you need good price and quality self adhesive hdpe waterproofing membrane, you may wish to consider Chinese manufacturers, they will definitely provide you with satisfactory products and services.

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*Packing: 2m x 20m (40㎡/roll)

*The thickness, width, length and color can be made based on customers’ requirements.


• Forms a unique integral seal to concrete poured against it. This prevents lateral water migration and waterproofing performance

is unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs.
• Fully-bonded watertight selvedge laps and detailing.
• Provides complete barrier to water, moisture and gas.
• Zero permeance to moisture.
• Solar reflective, being white in colour thereby reduce temperature gain.
• Very easy and efficient to install, does not require primer or fillet.
• Self protecting – reinforcement can start immediately after installation.
• Unaffected by wet conditions - cannot activate prematurely.

• Waterproofing of all below grade concrete structures

• Protection of concrete foundations in contaminated and aggressive ground conditions

• Waterproofing of cut and cover tunnels for MRT, Subway, Metro

• Prevents coal gas, marsh gas, methane leakage in underground layers


All Surfaces
It is important to prepare sound and solid substrate for installation of membrane to eliminate movement during the concrete pour.

Substrates must be uniform and smooth and there shall be no gaps or voids in surface greater than 12mm.
Horizontal Concrete Blinding or PCC
The substrate must be smooth and uniform and shall be free of all unsound aggregate and sharp lumps. Curved or rounded substrates

should be avoided. Standing water must be removed.
Vertical Sheet Piling
HDPE membrane (non-sand finish) can be used for blind side waterproofing after either using guniting, concrete, or plywood or other

suitable material to provide uniform surface for membrane installation.
Membrane Installation
HDPE membrane should be overlapped using steel roller to ensure complete bonding and to achieve continuity.


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