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Single Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating


It's a kind of liquid polymer waterproof material, suitable for dry and wet base surface construction, solidified into tough and elastic, non-toxic and tasteless waterproof film after coating. It is a new type of environmental friendly waterproof material without solvent.

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*Packing: 36 buckets/pallet

*The color and technical date can be made based on customers’ requirements.


• Eco-friendly polymer waterproof coating: aqueous, single component, customized color, non-toxic, no abnormal odor.
• Excellent waterproofness: It forms a complete and seamless membrane without any joints or leak possibilities after the coating curing.
• It is specially suitable for waterproof construction where the shape is complex and pipeline bend place.
• High solid content and excellent resistance to weather aging. It can be sued as the exposed waterproof layer.
• Simple and cold application: roller, airless spray, brush.
• Long service life:Excellent resistance to the UV, oxidation and high temperature. 


• Undergrounds;
• Parking garages;
• Subways in open cut method;
• Channels;
• Kitchen or bathroom;
• Floors, balcony and unexposed roofs;
• Swimming pools, man-made fountain and other pools;
• Top plate at plazas.

Surface preparation
Surface should be dry, stable, clean, smooth, without pockmarks or honeycombs and free from any dusts, oil or loos particles. Cracks and surface irregularities need to be filled by sealants and do additional waterproofing. For smooth and stable surfaces, this step can be skipped.
Additional layer
Paint this coating as additional layer to enhance at internal and external corners, drain pipes, floor drains or embedded parts.
Application of waterproof coated membrane
1.5kg per square meter gives dft 1mm-1.5mm. Coverage may vary with the substrate condition during application.It can use rubber scrapers or spray equipments to paint 2 or 3 times. After fully dry, it can be painted again. The normal time between each painting is 24 hour.
Application of protection layer
After waterproof coated membrane is fully dry and meets quality requirements, it can begin application of protection layer.

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