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pe pp waterproofing membrane china



pe pp waterproofing membrane 

pe pp waterproofing membrane Description 

pe pp waterproofing membrane Main Application

• For bathroom floors and walls
• Ensures a fully water-tight seal preventing leaks and mold growth
• Adheres tightly to inside and outside corners without rounding at surface transitions
• suitable mil thickness prevents build-up beneath the tile
• Prevents water and vapor penetration in wall cavities to prevent mold and mildew
• Protects moisture-sensitive building materials such as wood framing, plywood, and OSB
• Made of inorganic materials, Kintop will not promote mold growth
• Pliable and easy to install, tile is installed directly over the membrane


Pe pp waterproofing membrane provide protection—and peace-of-mind—behind your shower walls and other tiled elements subject to moisture.It is pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membranes and vapor retarders with limited crack-bridging capabilities.


Shower Liner is especially designed for waterproof in shower rooms and other wet area. This product is a composite sheet membrane made of soft polyethylene(PE) with nonwoven polypropylene(PP) fabric laminated on both sides to enable the membrane fixed firmly onto mortar.
Shower Liner is flexible and conforms to various contours of the wood framing, bending upward at the walls and folding into corners. It can be applied directly with thin-set mortar, ceramic and stone tile, provides waterproofing and crack isolation/joint bridging for thin-set installations of ceramic and stone tile. It has been an ideal membrane to protect the substrate from moisture penetration.



pe pp waterproofing membrane Product Features
• 1.Non-toxic, no pollution, environmental protecting product;
• 2.Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, especial direct adhesion to many surfaces, especial direct adhesion to cement material in its curing process; 
• 3.tough, impermeable, multilayered sheet; 
• 4.high tensile strength, good cold flexibility.


pe pp waterproofing membrane Installation


Physical Properties
Implemented Standard: GB/18173.1-2012



1) Do not operate when rain, snow, strong wind.
2) Train before operation.

Width:1m/1.05m/ 1.2m



In waterproofing projects, finding good price and quality pe pp waterproofing membrane materials is the goal of every consumer. Nowadays, china pe pp waterproofing membrane exactly meets this demand. The products provided by many pe pp waterproofing membrane supplier are not only of high quality, strong weather resistance, and can effectively prevent moisture penetration for a long time, but also at reasonable prices that do not make people feel a financial burden.

These high-quality PE pp waterproofing membranes have undergone strict quality testing to ensure the durability and waterproof performance of the membrane. Chinese supplier, by virtue of efficient production and supply chain management, have reduced costs and thus provided consumers with competitive prices.

Therefore, for consumers looking for good price and high quality pe pp waterproofing membrane, China's supplier are undoubtedly the first choice. Let’s build a dry and safe living environment together.

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